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" Many of my friends asked why we flew to Miami to get instruction from you, but I am totally convinced that you are the best hitting coach that i have come in contact with. I have two sons and have seen many people try to teach hitting. You are the best. There are many ideas about hitting and the top hand release is one that I truly believe in. My son has increased bat speed and distance on his hits, he is more consistant in his approach at the plate and his average is growing. We met you three years ago at a camp and your approach to instruction really impressed me. My son truly enjoys the time he spent in his lessons and has improved tremendously. We Will Be Back!"

Glen, IL 60491
Dear Steve,
                 Steve you are one of the best baseball coaches I have ever had.  You have helped me immensely at the plate and with the game itself.  Before I started working with you I was the ground ball to short king. ( I am to slow to leg those out)  Over the past 5 months that I have been working with you I have become a better hitter in every aspect of the game.  I hit for more power, average, and I am more disciplined at the plate.  It all came together when at my High School alumni game my old coach told me " where did you learn to swing like that" after I took him deep with a wood bat folks. (real men use wood)  Oh Steve I also can't thank you enough for the interest you took in me and for all the help you did with me and getting into a college.  I can never thank you enough.  You truly are a great coach and a great person.
Matt Leban #4 

"Steve is a sought after Broward County hitting instructor"

-Miami Herald

My son and I met Steve Aguilar about a year ago at a group-hitting clinic in south Florida. We live in the Chicago area and went to Florida over the December school break. My son, who was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school at the time, had previously attended numerous hitting clinics and had many private lessons. He was always a very good hitter and seemed to be on the verge of becoming a great hitter. He was a line drive hitter that rarely showed any power (good contact but not much 'pop'). While attending this group-hitting clinic, I noticed how Steve seemed to know more about the technique and hitting mechanics than most of the other instructors. I was very fortunate that my son was part of the group of boys that Steve was working with over this 3 day hitting clinic. It became apparent to me that Steve really knew the science of hitting and could effectively teach any of the boys how to improve their hitting technique. Nevertheless, my son was actually hitting home runs over the fence during the 2nd and 3rd day of this clinic. I had never seen him do this before…it was incredible!

My son continued to work on this technique before tryouts for the high school team. He ended up being the only sophomore to make the varsity baseball team (vs. the sophomore team, as all of his friends did). We owe a lot of his improvement to the techniques and adjustments that Steve made to his hitting mechanics during the clinic. Steve is great at analyzing and making adjustments to improve the swing and add power at the same time.

About a year later, I wanted to provide my son with more hitting instruction, as he was heading into his junior year in high school. This is the key year for colleges to look at high school players, for recruiting purposes. We decided to travel down to Florida again for some one-on-one instruction from Steve Aguilar. During 2 private lessons, Steve quickly added two key adjustments to my son's swing. These adjustments added even more “pop” to his bat, while maintaining his compact level swing. Steve is definitely an expert on hitting technique and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for top-notch professional instruction. Even for my son and I to travel all the way to Florida, for two days to get Steve's expert advice, it was worth every penny. I am sure that we will be going back to visit Steve next year for more “tweaking” of my sons' mechanics. My only regret is that I didn't find out about Steve and his training ability, when my son was younger.

Frank Gorski
Vernon Hills, Illinois

Dear Steve,
I wanted to write to thank you for my new swing. When I arrived here from Shenandoah University in Virginia I had just finished my freshman year and my first season at colligate level baseball. I had some success during that year and was selected to start in the USA South tournament. I was pretty happy with my swing and was looking forward to next season.

I hooked up with you here in Florida to keep in shape and I got way more then I expected. After a couple of weeks of working with you in the cage I started summer ball with the South Florida Baseball League and with my new improved swing. I was Player of the Week four of the seven weeks I played and ended the season leading the league in; Batting Average, Slugging Percentage, On Base Percentage, Doubles and Extra Base Hits. I only wish that I could have found you in high school.

I am looking forward to the Spring Season at SU and hope that I can continue the success using your swing technology.
All the best,
Jasen Eberz  #6

"What can I say, the hitting instruction taught to my son by Steve Aguilar has tremendousley improved his hitting.  After attending private lessons and spring break camp taught by Steve, he is now hitting beautiful line drives, triples and home runs.  The last two games he played in he hit a total of 3 home runs.  Anthony is 110% more confident when he comes up to bat.  He has played baseball for 5 years, this has been his best year of hitting.  All we can say is thank you very much.  Anthony also thanks you.
If he makes the majors, we will send you skybox tickets.
Thanks Steve... 
Tony, Rachel and Anthony Diaz
Hey Steve, My first game on Bills team I was working on the bat whip and keeping my hands back and bat flat.  Well, I went 2 for 3 with an rbi triple and a solo-homerun. Thanks for the instruction, every lesson  i feel like im improving my swing. Hopefully ill see you on friday at the hitting school. 
Dear Steve:

I wanted to send you this email to bring you up to date on Mitch's progress so far this season.  After the our first four games, Mitch has gone 7 for 9 with 3 home runs and 3 doubles.  He has 11 RBI's so far, as our team has scored a total of 22 runs, which is high for this league.  From what I have seen so far in this league, Mitch may be the best pure hitter in the entire league.  It amazes me at how confident he is when he steps into the batter's box.  He doesn't fear any pitcher and expects to get a home run every time he gets up.

I can honestly say that you have been an integral part in my son's development.  I am so pleased that I had started with you when Mitch was still 7.  It is amazing how well he has progressed.  As he is only 9, he has already found success at the plate.  Your instruction has been very straight-forward and easy to understand.  However, aside from the teaching of proper mechanics, you have been able to develop him mentally in such a way
that he believes in you and all of what you have taught.

Thanks for everything!!  We'll see you as usual at 2:30 today.

Greg Kielton
Another fun week of baseball down in San Diego. Wow, was James white hot. Went 16-31 with 9 walks, 10 extra base hits, hit 3 balls 380 feet off the fences, one each to right, center and left. Even got intentionally walked 4 times after just scorching some of the top guys. I'll send you some film from the tournament. He's still stepping closed a bit sometimes but it's definitely much improved. Geez, nearly two months straight of hitting over 0.500 with power to all fields. Awfully fun to watch. I just can't imagine what he'll do in a year or two as he just turned 16 in June.
Just tell your students to listen to what you say and practice hard. Do that and it gets awfully fun!
Take care  - John Anagnost
I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with Zakk over these past 5 years.  I should have done this along time ago. You have brought him to a point in his life that is going to lead him in the direction he has always dreamed of going.  He came from being a kid who couldn't hit a lick to a kid with one of the highest batting averages on his team as well as instilling in him the confidence and discipline that is going to make him very strong in his upcoming high school years.  You have always told me that he has a "major league" swing.  It's funny because we have heard that from many coaches.  While many youth league coaches tried to tell me and Zakk that these techniques don't work we continued to come back and you've proven and Zakk has proven that it does work.  Parent's need to understand consistency is the key.   Again Steve thanks so much for all you have done for us.  For anyone out there looking to improve their child's swing...Steve's the man!!!
The Leonetti Family
P.S. Remember I have two more ball players coming your way.
Trent and I are thinking about making a trip down to Florida again during his winter break that runs from February 15-19. Trent made some great strides with your top-hand release batting instruction, going from a .250 batter to .353 last season and a .618 slugging percentage.
I just wanted to know whether you are available during those dates. I was thinking of doing 3-4 sessions while I am down there.
Let me know. Thanks in advance.
Peter Olans
New York, NY
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